Q1: Project start

  • Feb 2021: Binance Hackathon 3rd prize won for BSC NFT marketplace. The team started to commercialize the product, coding, business expertise added

  • Mar 2021: Prepare for launch, first product ready for use, strategic partnerships established, strategic raise round, IDO, Mochi token is to be listed in decentralized exchanges

  • Apr 2021: Adding more games to the platform, continuous community building, and taking feedback from the users to improve the product.

Q2: Launch Marketplace Mining Program

  • Reward MOCHI for users to participate in Mochi.Market

  • Integrate MOCHI token to MOCHI marketplace

  • NFT swap in BSC

  • Onboard the first art and gaming partners and creators

  • Mochi token integration with popular crypto wallets.

  • Listing of Mochi tokens on more exchanges

Q3: Governance function

  • Rate seller by voting

  • Yield farming

  • Voting for Mochi.Market rates: farming rate, reward rate

  • Growth of Mochi ecosystem partners including new game developers, new artists, other blockchain partners


  • AR card

  • rent NFTs


  • Scan 3D Model to NFT

  • Issue new games

  • Launch the next marketplace in new blockchain platforms

  • Publish Unity integration SDK/Tools

  • Swap cross-chain

  • AI integration to recommend artworks, games based on public data on the marketplace.


  • NFT fully-integrated in games: cross-game items, marketplaces, crypto payment feature

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