Mochi.Market value proposition

Mochi.Market is an innovative NFT marketplace with advanced features focusing on optimizing the user experience.

The Mochi.Market is the first cross-chain NFT marketplace to be built on various chains. We will launch our product first on BSC to take advantage of its active and growing large ecosystems, as well as the low transaction fees and fast transaction time on BSC.

The product will be developed on other chains such Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, Harmony, Solana, Near… and many blockchains to tap into various blockchain ecosystems which bring tremendous benefits to our users.

The multi-chain function enables Mochi.Market the ability to offer our users the options to use blockchains with lower transaction costs and faster transaction time. This brings a huge benefit to micro transactions, and transactions with lower values, thus enable more users to enter the NFT market. 2020 and early 2021 have seen the unprecedented boom of NFT industry. However, in the current market situation, as most of the NFT marketplaces are built on the Ethereum platform, the high transaction cost will rule out lots of users with low transaction values.

The Mochi.Market offers the users the options to create, mint their own NFTs easily. Anyone can use Mochi.Market to be an NFT creative entrepreneur to create, sell, auction, and swap their NFTs.

The Mochi.Market is a mobile-first, user-friendly NFT marketplace. Anyone can use Mochi.Market web and mobile app to create, sell, auction, exchange NFT within the Mochi.Market ecosystem and with other Defi/NFT marketplaces easily.

Mochi.Market is a fully decentralized NFT marketplace- the first NFT marketplace DAO with the MOCHI governance token. Mochi.Market is fully owned by its users and ecosystem partners and is run in a decentralized manner as a DAO.

A full list of main features to be built on Mochi.Market:

  • AR card NFTs

  • Mobile interface

  • 3D model scan to NFTs

  • Cross-game: items can be integrated/tradeable across any games supporting NFTs

  • Exchange NFTs with NFTs, NFTs with NFTs + FT (fungible tokens)

  • Integrate swap between NFTs

  • Integrate farming for NFTs

  • Allow users to rent NFTs

  • Fraud prevention by origin verification powered by blockchain technology

  • Swaps and transactions with other marketplaces such as Opensea, Rarible

  • A portion of platform revenues will be used to burn the Mochi token quarterly.

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