The MOCHI government token

The Mochi government token was designed to incentivize game developers and creators to contribute to developing the Mochi Ecosystem. MOCHI token holders will be able to vote for the governance decisions of Mochilabs, such as the selection of the suitable platforms for cross-chain tokens, game development SDKs to be integrated into the Mochi ecosystem, or having a say in the roadmap of Mochi.Market, etc

Mochi.Market as a fully decentralized NFT marketplace enabling the developers and gamers to be rewarded for their creativity. For the first time, game developers and creators have the chance to monetize their talents and creativity easily without any technical knowledge.

Mochi.Market envisions to bridge the gap between the gaming and blockchain gaming industry

Gaming is an established industry with a market size of US$162.32 billion in 2020. The global gaming industry is estimated to reach a value of US$295.63 billion by 2026. However, numerous obstacles are preventing the gaming industry from achieving its full potential. For example, game developers have full control over the games, and can delete, change the games without taking into account the consideration and needs of the users and gaming community. On top of that, the lack of transparency is also a problem that has long existed and is much discussed in the gaming industry. Problems such as extra issuance of game items to optimize the profits, lottery scams, etc raise trust issues within the community and users. The integration of blockchain can solve these problems.

The marriage between gaming and blockchain will add more transparency to the gaming industry. With the use of smart contracts, the verification of game ownership, the exchange of ownership and payment for the purchased items will be made easy. Unique game items can be issued in the form of NFTs and possessed as digital assets whose ownership can be transferred easily using blockchain technology. In the Mochi.Market, these unique NFTs can also be traded and transferred with other blockchain marketplaces, and decentralized applications which bring more liquidity and the value of network effects to game assets.

The same holds true for artworks issued and traded in Mochi.Market.

The prominent game developers such as Unity, Cocos Creator, Godot, Unreal engine need the tools for their games to integrate and interact with blockchain. This is where Mochi Lab offers the solutions and fills the gaps.

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