Mochi.Market is a fully-decentralized cross-chain NFT marketplace for games. The Mochi.Market will be launched initially on Binance Smart Chain (“BSC”), followed by other chains such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, and layer 2 protocols.

Mochi.Market is the first product of Mochilab.org- a team dedicated to developing technological solutions to enable a seamless web3 NFT economy.

MOCHI token is the native governance token of the fully-decentralized NFT marketplace- Mochi.Market.

MOCHI token is designed to incentivize the active participation of the Mochi.Market ecosystem participants to ensure that all take part in the future development of the platform. MOCHI token is created to give Mochi users and ecosystem partners the power to influence decisions and incentivize active participation.

The ultimate purpose of the MOCHI token is to enable a fair, decentralized, autonomous NFT marketplace.

Mochi.Market is launched using the fair launching principles.

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